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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

It is certainly very important for every soul has a very different understanding of even the very simplest message of JK.

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Wed, 22 Dec 2010, 5:30pm

Dear JK followers, I got inclined to reading JK's writings only because of Prof. P. M. Mahajan of Raver, Dist. Jalgaon.

On reading the book 'LIFE AHEAD' by JK some 15 years ago, I had written something in the form of a poem entitled 'LIFE AHEAD'. Please go through and do send in your comments/views.


Where the mind is without fear
Education springs only there;
Follows by itself intelligence
Let not occur any negligence;
In understanding problem, crisis or pain
Keeping away confusion, conflict or sin;
Hate, grudge, comparison, envy and greed
Better avoid and sow 'Love, Love' seed.
\Removing fear be the aim of education
Not just info taking, exam and competition;
Instilling listening and spirit of inquiry
Everyone is unique by this theory;
Creativity, Sensitivity, Character thus you build
To deal with life is the result-yield.
\I, Me, My is detrimental pride
Lust, longing, ambition, never on them stride;
Remove the patina of wistful ME
Discover the INNER YOU, so is HE.

(c) Anil Narhar Deshapande, Goregaon(E), Mumbai-65
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