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Forum: Insights Wed, 08 Jul 2009
Topic: K... and his influence on our everyday lives

For myself K's teachings have facilitated space/time freedom. There is an openess now away from worries and frustrations that use to contort my daily life. That openess is always there, I just must turn my attention to it. K's teachings is responsible for that discovery.

Forum: Insights Fri, 20 Nov 2009
Topic: Seriousness

The turmoil of the mind, the stewing over one's place in the world, fraught with evaluation and opinion, is solidly the self. Watchfulness reinforces this identity. vigilance over one's place in the job, the world, sustains the turmoil. Self is endlessly turmoil.

Forum: Insights Wed, 16 Dec 2009
Topic: Theosophy Revisited

I was born into theosophy and have been with it all my life. Many felt betrayed when K left the organization, but others knew it was what was best for the teachings to be what the Master wanted them to be. Theosophy actually caged the Master, trapped him in the physical. K's freedom was freedom for all, for the teaching and the others unseen.

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 06 Jan 2010
Topic: The transformation

Elizabeth, Countless people throughout centuries before K, from diverse cultures, have tranformed, mutated, witnessed and merged when the self was not and the other was. It happened before K and continues years after K left this earth as ashes. No one has a monopoly on transformation and it is not necessary to "help others" transform. Love the LINK; LINK the Love. Compassion is unveiled.

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 27 Jan 2010
Topic: Unlock the Timeless

Restricted perception has locked the human mind in the boundaries of mundane self-centered life. The Timeless is perception and freedom. My mundane existence is plagued by loneliness, though comparatively unfettered by privilege and excess. I would trade all my material possessions, every bank account, every home for the Unbounded Timeless, for that Love of which Krishnaji spoke. I am a prisoner of this excess, trapped in the dense world of materialism, with only faint whispers of something different. I want the freedom of non-being. "I want" is being. How did I become so lost??

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 28 Jan 2010
Topic: Unlock the Timeless

Randal, I'm not lacking cheer, only that Love of which K spoke. And I will be giving it all away, some day soon.

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 03 Feb 2010
Topic: Unlock the Timeless

The mind is such a busy place with expressions from all directions and media. When the blessed silence comes what peace to not be part of all that chaos. And I am so happy to free myself and yet help others with the money left in my charge. Yet compared to the world's needs, I have only a thinble to give, though I am in the upper1/2 percent of American wealth. All that I have could not lift Haiti out of despair, but I could help many with food and water. Or I could somehow help to bring about fundamental changes in the psyche/brain function of mankind. I yearn for the silence.

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 05 Feb 2010
Topic: Unlock the Timeless

My parents were Theosophists, but their leaning was that Krishnamurti had taken a "wrong turn". I only discovered (opened to)his teachings after my husband's death. The teachings pulled me through. My husband's family was very Christian and that limited my searching in a way. First came the grief of the loss, then the freedom found in the teachings.

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 24 Feb 2010
Topic: Soon, all your questions will be answered...

Once again we must wait in time. There is no time. Truth is found in time?? Where did all the time go?

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 09 Mar 2010

According to my relatively brief exposure to K's teachings, I think he basically says that the individual is the source of conflict in the world, because of the inherent self-centered activity. The future of humanity is at stake and it is up to the individual to see this. That in the "seeing" something radically different is revealed, a key to the nature of thought, relationship and the world. Only then, and not through words or others' teachings, will the world be "different".

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 11 Mar 2010
Topic: Krishnamurti Foundations Worldwide

Just a practical matter here: I would like to hear from people with first-hand knowledge about the effectiveness of the K Foundations and/or other K organizations in the dispensation of the teachings. Are there any recommendations or comments? What are their strengths or weaknesses in the mission of publicizing the teachings and their financial management, investments and administrative costs?

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 11 Mar 2010
Topic: Krishnamurti Foundations Worldwide

I'm afraid that if we dissol ved the foundations the teachings would disappear from our civilization. I think they are too important to not publicize. Where would you be today without Krishnamurti's 60 years of speaking?

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 30 Apr 2010
Topic: How does one observe?

Thought drives "me" mad, sane, happy, miserable. Observation annihilates "me" and all that revolving around "me". Observation, awareness, choicelessness, being what is, presence, oh the beauty in that!!

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 20 Feb 2013
Topic: It's the FEELING

Ruth Bass wrote: I feel that people are drawn to The Teaching because it is paradoxical. Paradoxicality attracts people because it induces the feeling of wholeness, undividedness, oneness

I think paradox is a good brain twister, wringing it out sort of. But I'm attracted Krishnamurti teaching for the feeling it gives me, the calmness. It is beyond intellect.

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 27 Feb 2013
Topic: Person-Centered World Peace

If world peace depended soley on what has gone on here on this forum throughout the years, we'd never see it. Lately the worst offenders have been banned. Working on utopia, banning the meanest.

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