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Forum: General Discussion Thu, 16 Jul 2009
Topic: meditation and transformation

This thread makes interesting reading for me. I know little about anything, meditation included. I am just beginning my exploration of ...well, I'm not even sure of that! Myself? The world? Thought? Belief? I've no idea - but that's the point, I want to explore and find out what questions I'm asking...

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 18 Jul 2009
Topic: meditation and transformation

Randal Shacklett wrote: When you say you've no idea, do you mean nothing acceptable? Or are you saying that ideas are inadequate to the task of serious exploration?

I simply mean that I don't know anything. I'm just beginning to explore. I don't seek, I don't expect answers. I would like to understand a little more what questions I'm asking myself though, as I'm not able to express them yet.

I am taking my first steps into the unknown.

Forum: Awareness in our world today Sun, 15 Nov 2009
Topic: retreats

I want to become more aware, and less tied up in my thoughts. I've been reading transcripts of K's talks, but find I am far too easily distracted. The same problem arises when I intend to be quiet and still, and to just 'be'.

I've been wondering about trying to take a few days to go on retreat - perhaps here. Have other people done similar, and if so have you found it helpful?

Does anyone have advice on how I can let go of all the thoughts that keep buzzing around my mind, despite my attempts to gently shoo them away? I'm still very much a 'beginner' on this path, so please word any replies simply so I can understand!

Thank you for reading.

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