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Oct 3, 2022
Perhaps man has developed this idea of evolution through watching a little bush grow into an enormous tree, the baby into manhood, the developing of a muscle, that muscle is weak but practice and exercise and it gets strong. So this idea of evolution, growing, psychologically thought has taken it over saying, 'I need time to become something'. I don't know if you are following this? Not me, you are watching yourself. Is that a fact? We have accepted it. We live by it. We are accustomed to it. It is our habit: "I can't do this", psychologically, "Tomorrow I will work at it. I will try", which means you have developed a duality: "I am this, but I will be that". - right? "I am angry, but I will get over it", which is, the little seed growing into an enormous tree, the baby growing to manhood, the little animal which hasn't the strength to walk, run, will take time. So that same observation has entered into the psychological field and there we say we will be born, we will become. Is that so? You understand? That is, there is physical time and we have cultivated the psychological time. Now why have we created psychological time?
Saanen, Switzerland | 7th Public Talk 23rd July 1978 Read full text