Nov 14

Krishnamurti Retreat in Switzerland

Date and Time

November 14 - 20 2022 CET


route de Pont-de-Nant 8 Les Plans-sur-Bex, Genève, 1880 Switzerland View Map


Bernard Pulfer
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+41 79 607 80 65

About This Event

14 - 20 November 2022
Riversong - 1880 Les Plans-sur-Bex - route de Pont-de-Nant 8 - Switzerland

“The greatest art is the art of living, greater than all things that human beings have created…” - J. Krishnamurti, The Whole Movement of Life is Learning

As human beings we all wish to live life with joy, peace, love and creativity. Only when we come in contact with our true essence, our inner song, we start to live life with fullness. When we are living mostly driven by our past baggage, life becomes heavy and a field of suffering. Stepping out of this conditioned field of suffering is essential to discover the true freedom, love and beauty of life. 

This retreat is a wonderful opportunity for those who are willing to go deeper into the journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether you are a seeker, a mindfulness practitioner, a coach, a therapist, an artist, a teacher, a professional from any field or simply a student of life, this retreat offers a safe, gentle and caring space to relax and explore a new dimension of living.

Retreat Highlights
  • The deep intention of this retreat is not to fill the mind with intellectual knowledge but to awaken a deep source of being, the intelligence of heart and get inspired to live everyday life from the wellspring of pure presence.  
  • Offers a compassionate learning space where one’s deepest essence can unfold and flower.  
  • Provides a deep rest for the mind, body and heart which is essential for the regeneration and inner flowering. 
  • Inspiring live talks
  • Meditative dialogues and self-inquiry sessions
  • Learning exercises in 1:1 and small groups
  • Meditations

Mukesh is a worldwide frequently invited speaker and facilitator for retreats, workshops and seminars. He has been on this meditative and transformative journey for more than two decades, inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. His approach is primarily based on the direct perception of existential questions from a non-reactive still mind and an affectionate attentive presence. He is also the founder of the School for Self-Inquiry.

Riversong is nestled in a small beautiful village in the Alps of Switzerland, about two hours from Geneva International airport. A perfect place to take a complete break and immerse in the natural beauty and oneself. The retreat begins on Monday and the arrival time is from 4 pm and departure is on Sunday after lunch. 
Per day cost for the retreat including the room, all the vegetarian meals and the whole program (salt-mineral baths not included): 
ChFr 160 per night per person
Bedsheets optional: ChFr 15
It is possible to join for a shorter period of the retreat. 
For booking your place please contact Bernard or Mukesh via:
+41 - 24 524 15 40 & +41 - 79 607 80 65 
The retreat fees can be paid on arrival in CHF or Euros. Credit card machine payment is not possible. You can also transfer the amount or to the following bank account: 
Postfinance Account 89-192236-0
IBAN CH95 0900 0000 8919 2236 0

The nearest airport is Geneva and the main train station is Bex. From Geneva airport there are frequent trains to Bex. From Bex you need to take a bus to Les Plans-sur-Bex, Le Chamois. The timetable and tickets for both train and bus can be checked and booked at: