Oct 07

Awareness and Transformation: Yoga + Inquiry weekend retreat

Date and Time

October 7 - 9 2022 PDT


Krishnamurti Retreat 1130 McAndrew Rd Ojai, California, 93023 United States View Map


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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+1 (805) 646-2726

About This Event

In this weekend retreat we will explore the work of Krishnamurti and do yoga in the beautiful hilltop Pavilion. Our exploration of Krishnamurti will center on the themes of awareness and transformation : What is awareness? What does it mean to be aware? It seems that so often habit sets in and we see ourselves and others unconsciously, limited by our prejudices and conditioning. It seems that often we can be unwilling to let go of personal agenda to be truly open to listening to another. In looking at these questions together can we do it with that sense of listening, not only to each other, but also to what the group creates together.

Yoga classes will be breath-centered and focus on adaptation to the needs of the individual. The focus is on utilizing yoga to begin to pay attention to the body, rather than understanding Krishnamurti through the practice of yoga. When the body is tuned into, there is a quality of awareness and attentiveness that can then be brought into inquiry. This kind of attention has the possibility of bringing about a unique sense of openness and connection.
We will have an afternoon hike in Horn Canyon and delicious vegetarian meals at the Pepper Tree Retreat.

Come join us in learning about what it means to truly observe others and ourselves, and perhaps in that spirit the boundaries between ourselves and others, internal and external, may fall away…

Rowan Lommel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Yoga Therapist living in Ojai California. She grew up in the Krishnamurti schools, and has been working on and off for the Krishnamurti Foundation since she was a teenager.