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Dev Singh
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What is Dialogue?
As I’ve been asked to say a few words about the meaning or the significance of dialogues, I shall start by saying that in order for our dialogues to bring about a fundamental change in both ourselves and in society, we first have to understand something about the nature of dialogue itself and about what we are sharing together.

It’s easy to share opinions and trade arguments and to act as either the consumer or producer of words, but a proper dialogue between two or three people demands something far more vital if we are to touch the depths of something new and to discover the remarkable beauty of a relationship with another person which is totally free from the restrictions of thought.

Is it possible to look holistically at a problem or a question in the course of a dialogue? I say it must be possible - for we are the whole problem. The problem is not out there, far away, but right here with each one of us as we talk together now. 

I feel this is a fundamental truth. And that’s why I also maintain that dialogue is important not for what we say or do within it but for the very manner in which we approach it. For we are approaching ourselves as we actually are; and this may be the very first time that we have ever done such a thing and looked properly at what we see without turning away into some form of idealism. 

In dialogue with one another, much of the nonsense that we are unable to detect within ourselves is brought out into the light because our faults and defects are exposed in dialogue. Dialogue is therefore an arena of human communication where one is truly vulnerable; whereas self-enclosed, analytical thinking is never going to permit such vulnerability. 

That's why the nature or the quality of the dialogue matters above all else. It doesn't really matter what we talk about or when we talk; but how we talk is tremendously important because to go into the heart of oneself is only possible by going into the heart of another. And this means immense care, affection, love, intelligence - not later but right from the start.

If we bear in mind that we are probably talking to someone else not just out of idle curiosity but out of a deep sense of loneliness or confusion about who we are in the world, then this loneliness or confusion is really our common ground, our shared interest. Usually we don't admit such common ground because we prefer far higher ideals. But when we do admit it and when we go on into it, carefully and sensitively, pushing away all the false ideas as they arise, then something happens radically to alter the entire ground of human consciousness. 

So this to me is dialogue and I hope you find something here that resonates with you; and you’ll be very welcome to join in.