Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
Education Workshops

Event - Ojai Teaching Academy



An invitation to awaken (or renew) a sustained passion for education

Educating the Educator Program: A 9-day Program for Educators. [June 22nd - July 1st, 2012]

Uncovering and questioning our assumptions about teaching and learning

Starting with the questions that we grapple with in our daily lives as educators, the program builds on the insights participants come to from their own deep looking and shared inquiry during the program. We shift from seeking answers to finding key questions that transform the way we see (and respond to) our educational challenges.

Hands-on, minds-on experiences of teaching and learning

We pay minute attention to school and classroom activities - and question what we see. By uncovering the underlying values of teaching and learning, we re-envision school, classroom and other learning environments. In re-orienting the act of teaching to one of learning, we awaken the craft of teaching.

School from scratch: the practical design of schools and classrooms

We start from scratch to design teaching and learning environments using dialogues, classroom observations (viewing film clips), role-play, interrogating our own educational narratives, readings, videos, journal writing, nature walks, silence and study time, and designing mini lessons.

Co-sponsored by Oak Grove School and University of California, Santa Barbara's Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Courses credited by UCSB Extension (6 units per course)

We will primarily use J. Krishnamurti's insights on education as the foundation for our considerations.

In an atmosphere of reflection and a setting of natural beauty, participants will engage in daily activities such as:

  • Inquiry and dialogues
  • Developing facilitation skills
  • Designing learning environments (school from scratch)
  • Role play and theater
  • Developing communication skills and emotional literacy
  • The Art of Observation
  • Classroom observations (viewing film clips)
  • Study and Research
  • Educational narratives or time-lines
  • Silence and Quiet time
  • Journal writing
  • Developing a learning/teaching portfolio


Jun 22, 2012 - Jul 01, 2012

1098 McAndrew Road
Ojai, CA, 93023