Recently in the news there was an article published that pointed out that new research confirms what older research has already discovered. There never was a person named Jesus Christ who founded a religion at the time this person was suppose to have founded one.

Research has shown that many of the "books of the Christian bible" are forgeries. None of them were written contemporary to the life of the supposed Jesus. Nothing was written about Christ until generations after he was supposed to have lived.

So here we have a world religion that millions devoutly believe in that is based on absolutely nothing that actually happened. Also this religion that boasts of love has shown anything but. For the first few centuries after the beginning of Christianity this religion was the cause of centuries of warfare. Then there were the Crusades of the Middle Ages. And let's not forget the countless old women, young women and little girls who were burned at the stake or drowned for being witches. This was still going on in the United States as late as a few hundred years ago.

Christianity is a fine example of an institution that has divided people, as all religions do, causing nearly two thousand years of conflict; wars and endless bloodshed. This has to end if there is ever going to be any peace. Or if our species is going to survive which doesn't look very likely at this point.

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