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Sun, 26 Feb 2017 #361
Thumb_photo_reduite John Raica Canada 515 posts in this forum Offline

Here are some 'lost & found' pages from K's public Q & A meetings in the early 30's :

Question: How can two publications of such contradictory titles as The Path, and Pathless Reality, by the same author, be issued simultaneously?

KRISHNAMURTI: The answer is very simple. One was written six or seven
years ago, the other but lately. The Path was written by me when I still divided life in that world of delusion. Now to me there is no such thing as a division of life: it is all, because truth lies in everything, in every blade of grass, in every stone, in every leaf, in every human heart and mind. To that truth there is no
path, because it lies in each mind and each heart. That truth, does not require a path. What it requires is concentration, awareness, recollectedness, conduct, behaviour. For that you need no path — it is the everyday existence of life that leads you to it. When I realised that fully, Pathless Reality came into being.

So it is quite possible to write something at one period and to contradict it later. It is by assertion and contradiction that one arrives at truth because life contains all. By continual searching, by
contradictions, by assertions, by positive statements, you arrive at truth. Then you no longer question the good; then you no longer demand what is the essential; then you are no longer caught up in attachment, in greed, in possession, in avarice; then there is in your mind that tranquillity of life which knows no separation; then thought is limitless, because it has touched that source of reality which is omnipresent, omniscient, which is life itself in every human being.

Question: Please give your individual knowledge, if possible, to these questions: Why are we here, and after death where do we go? If reincarnation is not a fact in nature, how do you account for the inequality of human beings?

KRISHNAMURTI: Why are we here? To grow — to grow from
unconscious perfection through conscious imperfection to conscious perfection.

“After death where do we go?” The more you are
interested in the hereafter, the less interest you take in the present. You all know more or less — at least, those who have studied know — where the soul is supposed to go. Nowhere in particular. For the soul itself, it is always “here”. Anyhow, the trouble is that you are not really interested in living, in growth. The moment you understand living, you will have conquered death.

“If reincarnation is not a fact in Nature, how do you account for the
inequality of human beings?”
Reincarnation, for most people, is a theory and not a fact. The fact of reincarnation can only be real to the man who has consciously experienced it. Otherwise it remains a theory. I have a friend in India who believes in reincarnation as, I suppose, many of you do here. He says “I have many lives in front of me, so it does not much matter what I do now.” But what
matters is what you do now, and if you believe in reincarnation, if it is a fact to you, you must live in the present with such acute, concentrated energy that by your actions of today you will control the morrow. The only way to find out if reincarnation is a reality is by your life. It is a fact for me because I know it. But it is a theory for those who do not


(A meditation on Truth)

I have been wondering why the idea of "Truth" appears so complicated to the minds of the majority of people. Truth in itself is the essence of simplicity.
If you do not regard Truth as possessing any of the definite qualities of the human mind, you will see that it
can have no facets at all. It is like a jewel (but) the beauty of the jewel is in itself, not in the facets that you cut on it. To me truth has no facets. It is not many-sided. Many-sidedness exists only when you look at truth from the outside, not when you are in it. When you are
living in that reality, in that Truth, there are no facets. For then you look at it from within outwards, not from outside within. So, grasp the idea that truth is
not many-sided, though you may express it in many ways — that in its quintessence it is one. If two people paint the same scene on canvas, you will not find unity in the paintings; but if you go beyond the mere expression on canvas, you will find that which both are trying to express.

Truth is the whole, in which everything is, consummated and established, in which everything endures. That is why I have maintained, and still maintain, that truth is a 'pathless' land, and if you approach it on any particular path, you are creating divisions born out of delusion. You make truth convenient for your progress. Truth to me is Life, the life of everything, from the highest to the lowest, both animate and inanimate. Though Life may express itself in a tree, in a man, in a flower, in a bird on the
wing, though the expressions of life may be divided, yet life itself has no division.
When you have discovered that (spiritual essence of ?) Life within yourself, when you are united to that Life, you will know that it has no special facet, that it is not many-sided. It is the totality, the consummation of all experiences, of all facets.

So if you regard Truth, Life, from this point of view, you assimilate every expression of life through experience, and so arrive at the simplicity which is true spirituality. By simplicity I mean that simplicity which is the quintessence of all thought, of all emotion — which springs from the source of all things. When you touch that Source, you are that simplicity, you are that Life. Simplicity is beauty and greatness. All great things have this quality of simplicity, which is but a process of continual
assimilation and elimination till you have arrived at the full realisation of that truth which is life, in which there is no division of many parts, no distinctions of
many facets. So you must come to Truth with that utter simplicity of great experience, and then you can discern
the refining qualities of Truth throughout the world in whatever manner it may express itself. You are part of that truth. Truth is in the (perception of the ?) whole, and such recognition requires complete naturalness, that naturalness which is devoid of all sub-human qualities, in which is spontaneity of action, of thought and emotion, because you have touched the pure source of things. If you so regard Truth and have love for that Truth itself,
which is simplicity, then you establish within your mind and heart that Reality which is devoid of all uncertainty, of all questioning of what is good and evil. When you have
touched this (innermost ?) Source of Reality, you will be like the desert — vast, limitless, undivided.

As I said the other day, it is by questioning, by continual watching, by observing, that you arrive at the full realisation of that of which I speak. So you must question (everything ?) , must tear to pieces in order to find out, and not merely live sentimentally in a vague belief. Truth is arrived at by a hard process of continual examination, adjustment and choice. Truth is very hard to come by; but a
determined mind and a positive heart of great affection can assimilate it, and can attain to lasting tranquillity and serenity of Being.

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Sun, 26 Feb 2017 #362
Thumb_avatar david sharma Ireland 11 posts in this forum Offline

What is that reincarate ? Self an illusion a shadow can not do so !time limited can not be so , word re in canate is to create new not of old

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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 #363
Thumb_stringio Jess S Portugal 5 posts in this forum Offline

Spring in Europe (in The Only Revolution): 'It was a spring morning and there were great patches of bluebells in the wood, and beside the wood was the yellow mustard, stretching almost to the horizon, and then the green wheat field that stretched as far as the eye could see. The road passed villages and towns and a side road led to a lovely wood with new fresh spring leaves and the smell of damp earth; and there was that peculiar feeling of spring, and the newness of life.'

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Wed, 22 Mar 2017 #364
Thumb_photo_reduite John Raica Canada 515 posts in this forum Offline


There are two kinds of intelligence: one of this world, the other belonging to the world of the Real. I am not talking about the intelligence of this world; I am talking about the intelligence of Reality, that is, intelligence which has the capacity to choose, with cultured discernment, between what is real and essential and what is false and futile. That is the true intelligence.

There is a large heron just outside who waits hour upon hour absolutely concentrated, single-minded, one-pointed, to catch a fish. He does not move an inch. Likewise, to have true self-recollectedness, you need to be concentrated — not only during this period of an hour but during the whole day, which is much more difficult. You cannot find yourself if you dissipate all your energy in talking, talking, talking — gossiping. What I am talking about is nothing extraordinary: it is the consummation of the individual and the universal life. To understand this, and to bring theory into practice in daily action, you must be free from all external, objective influences. Up to now you have had certain standards which you have followed, but by revolt, by the destruction of authority, by your own inclination, those standards have all been destroyed. Now each one must establish a new value for himself, a true standard which will act as a guide. In order to find the right values, the right standards, you must go through the process of elimination. It is not merely a question of doing it mentally or emotionally: there must be a physical result of your renunciation, of your putting aside. Mind you, there is no such thing as renunciation or self-sacrifice, for a man who really understands. How can there be? You are trying to put aside all those things that have been imposed upon you, that you have acquired, in order to find out what is the core of your whole substance; to find that out, naturally you must put those things aside. That is not renunciation, that is purification.

To have that freedom from all external things, in order to discover your true substance, you must be free from fear. First of all, from the fear of salvation, because no one is going to save you except yourself. Then you must be free from ancient gods and modern gods. Next, you must be free from traditional right and wrong. You must destroy those things which are false, unessential, which create superstition and chaos. And to do that, you yourself must be beyond the clutches of fear.

Then again, you must be free from the fear of punishment and the enticement of reward. I wonder why the majority of you are here. Do you think you are going to gain a special reward, a special heaven, by listening to me; or a punishment if you do not? By your own substance you are rewarded; by your own thought you are punished; and no one else can hamper or hinder, punish or reward you. So, you must be free of that bogey which exists in the world: “Do the right action and you will be rewarded; do the wrong action and you will go to hell”. Your whole life is conducted on the idea of punishment and reward. You may have put aside the traditional heaven and hell of Hinduism, or Christianity, but you have invented others, equally disastrous, equally unreal, equally false. If you would discover your own purity, your own understanding, your strength, you must be free from the idea of reward and punishment.

Again, you must be free from fear of convention, of what your neighbours say, which is rather difficult — much more difficult than freeing yourself from fear of gods. Then again, you must be free from the fear of loss and gain: financial, physical, emotional, mental. You are responsible for yourself. Again, there must be freedom from fear of life and death. In Life there is no life or death, it is all a continual process, never ceasing, ever changing. In Life there cannot be at one moment birth and at another moment death. It is only the physical expression that changes. As there is night and day, darkness and light, so in existence there is birth and death. You must be free from the fear of that, because you want to discover your own purity, to set your own standard.

Then, there must be no fear of loneliness nor longing for companionship. For, if you are in love with Life, Life has no loneliness, has no companionship. IT IS. Then, also, you must be free from the fear of uncertainty. The majority of people who have come to listen here and in the Camp are all uncertain. A standard has been held up to them and it has been destroyed and now they are uncertain. They want the leaders to settle the matter and then tell them. The leaders are not going to settle it, because there are no leaders and there are no children. You are going to settle it for yourselves, you are going to be sure that certain things are right beyond the shadow of doubt, and when you are so assured, you will be free from that fear of uncertainty. Therefore, you must doubt everything so that in your ecstasy of doubt you may become certain. Do not doubt when you are feeling tired, do not doubt when you are unhappy; any one can do that. You must only doubt in your moments of ecstasy, for then you will find out whether what remains is true or false.

Again, you must be free from my authority, from every authority. Authority in spiritual matters cannot hold for a single instant. It is your personal experience that counts, not authority. You have been told, hundreds of times, in every religion of the world, that through your own understanding alone, through the rejection of everything, you will find. And yet you follow authority, because it is much more convenient. Be free from the fear of authority, which can be cut down as a tree and be entirely destroyed.

Then, you must be free from the desire for comfort, physical as well as emotional and mental. Then again, you must be free of love and hate; that is, free from caring whether you are liked or not. You must be indifferent as to whether you are hated or not. Action should spring from impersonal motives. Then there is the fear of not expressing yourself. How can you express yourself if you do not know what you are? In order to find out what you are, you must first be free of all these things: Fear of desire, fear of ambition, jealousy, envy, competition, and then the fear of pain and sorrow — you must be free from all these in order to discover what remains, which is eternal.

Imagine that you are free, and translate that freedom into physical expression. If you are going to alter the world, it is no good changing a little. There must be a complete cleavage — that is the only way to advance. What remains after this process of elimination, of withdrawal, of destruction of all those unessential things? I will tell you what remains. A calm mind and a heart that cannot be disturbed, that is pliable, energetic, enthusiastic. Balanced, strong, certain, ecstatic, clear and pure, resolute and determined is the mind and the heart of him who has rejected all these things. And when you have achieved that, you can put on the garment of that which is eternal — not before. You cannot be made incorruptible if there is in your mind and in your heart a particle of corruptibility

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2 days ago #365
Thumb_stringio Jess S Portugal 5 posts in this forum Offline

John Raica wrote:
Imagine that you are free, and translate that freedom into physical expression. If you are going to alter the world, it is no good changing a little. There must be a complete cleavage — that is the only way to advance

How wonderful to read these words and feel empowered by them... except that Krishnamurti starts with 'Imagine...'! And 'imagination' (putting images together) is the fight that goes on in the world, ones trying and imposing their 'system of images' onto others! I found the following quote of Nagarjuna's Letter To A Friend:'The psychophysical constituents are not created by sheer fancy, nor from time, nor from themselves, nor do they pre-exist, nor come from a creator, nor are they causeless. Know that they are produced from a loss of intrinsic awareness and from craving...'
I understand that's the lot we share as human beings. The endeavour is to find in this 'you are the world' which of us are entitled to gather the energy and move from illusion to reality.

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22 hours ago #366
Thumb_stringio Jess S Portugal 5 posts in this forum Offline

John Raica wrote:
By all accounts 'moving from illusion to Reality' was never an easy thing - not in the ancient times, not now and probably not in the future either...

Yes, John, I don't remember ever coming across any Krishnamurti's statement saying that it is easy, the word 'simple' I think has sometimes come about. But talking about 'ancient times' I seem to remember that once when someone was telling Krishnamurti about his theosophical times and the initiations he had to go through, he answered that in the old times you had to travel by boat, but when you can take the plane to cover the same distance you certainly take the plane because it is so much faster! These are the slippery aspects of all these matters like maturing or whatever in that vein... What can we know apart from our deeply honest intent (which has to be questioned all the time also)? You see, for example, apparently Blavatsky stated in the Secret Doctrine that 'the amount of ether in the air will increase in time. The consequence may be that barriers between incarnate and desincarnate entities will become less distinct...' (in an article in a theosophical magazine)! Indeed, still what Krishnamurti said prevails: 'truth is a pathless land.'

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13 hours ago #367
Thumb_photo_reduite John Raica Canada 515 posts in this forum Offline

A discussion then took place (Ommen, July 1929) . In concluding it Krishnamurti said:

If you do not know what you are discarding, then it is not worth while to discard. If you only discard because I tell you to do so, or through fear, then you are not discarding at all, you are but creating a new fear in place of an old one. Truth — and I have carefully explained what I mean by Truth — is a danger to all societies, to all organised beliefs, to all systems of thought. If an individual, you or another, has ( access to ?) this Truth, then he is automatically a "powder magazine" which will blow up all the unessentials around him. But he cannot organise it. If you perceive that Truth and live that Truth and become part of that Truth, then you become as the sunshine that dispels all mist. The Truth of which I speak is a danger to anything that is unessential. But you have to find out for yourself what is unessential and what is essential. I cannot tell you. You cannot organise Life or Truth. If I want to go to London, I make use of an organisation which will give me tickets. But if an organisation claimed that it could take me to Heaven, I should not use it, because I know that heaven is not a place outside myself. Do you see what I mean? All beliefs, all ideas of salvation, of being led to a particular heaven, are attempts to organise thought. But you cannot systematise thought and thereby enslave the mind. It matters what you are, and not what you do or how you convert the world. You will do that if you are nice and kind, if your countenance shows your thought, your feeling, and if you are really joyous, for then everyone will come to you to see how you manage to be that in this chaotic world.

So, to come back to the main point: It is as (integrated ?) individuals that you must become centres of that dynamic energy which sweeps aside all the unessentials as individuals, not as an organised body. If you as an individual are adamant about something because you know it to be true, then you will change the world. But you cannot change the world if you are yourself uncertain. In order to become certain of the truth of what I am saying, what should you do? You must first consider whether your construction of life is based on authority, whether your gods and your fears really exist, and then by a process of inward elimination you begin to think out the true values of life. The inward establishment of the essential is your primary, vital work. When I spoke to you yesterday of the fear of salvation, I meant clinging to worship, prayer, external gods, authorities, superstitions, rites, churches, temples, sanctuaries. To be afraid of all that shows that you still cling to the unessential. Be really honest, not hypocritical; then you will know how these things are affecting your life. You are going out to tell the world what Krishnamurti is saying. If Krishnamurti says that certain things are unessential, and you yourselves are performing those unessentials, indulging in them, the people from outside will naturally ask: “If Krishnamurti has not altered your life, if you yourself have not changed in your mind and heart, what is the good of your talking to me?” Not that you want to convince anyone, or that I want to convince you. But I want you to realise that the moment you are really certain of the essential things of which I speak, you will naturally alter yourselves. That is what matters. You must be so certain for yourself of what is the essential thing that will give to the ‘I’ the garment of incorruptibility, that you — because you are wearing that garment — will be a danger to all that is corruptible. It is as individuals that you create unessentials. They do not come into being of their own accord, you create them because you do not know how to distinguish between the essential and the unessential. Who created all the mosques and temples and churches of the world? The superstitious, the priests — you and I. Because of our lack of discernment of what is lasting and what is fleeting. When you cease from outward expressions of the unessential, you will naturally create what is essential. And that creation is of the greatest importance: not merely the withdrawal from the old, but the creation of the new

QUESTION: Everything, every being, which really exists in nature, must have its natural place; i.e., a place decided by its own nature and intrinsic value, and there must be natural connections between all beings in nature, i.e., connections decided by those intrinsic values and representing them in undistorted proportions, as for instance there is a natural connection between man and the animals. What then is, at our present stage of evolution, our natural connection with higher, superhuman beings, as Masters and angels? (I do not think of praying to them, leaning on them).

KRISHNAMURTI: You want to know what is the natural connection between higher, superhuman beings, such as Masters and angels, and man. What is the natural connection between a savage and a so-called civilised man? There is evolution, distance; that is the natural connection. You want to know what is the natural connection between humanity and the Masters and angels. The same natural connection as between a savage and a civilised being. But, that is of very little importance to either because both the ordinary man, and the Master, have to come to the same fulfilment of life — of that I am speaking, not of the natural stages. So, it is no good asking who is ahead of you or who is behind you. That is again, from my point of view, taking the unessential for the essential.

You are all immensely interested in the Masters, whether they exist or not, and what my view is with regard to them. I will tell you my view. To me it is of very little importance whether they exist, or whether they do not exist, because I say man has to arrive at that liberation at which the Masters also must arrive. So concern yourself with that and not with who is ahead of you. When you have to walk to the Camp or to the station from here, there are people ahead of you, nearer the Camp, nearer the station; people who have started earlier. What is more important? To get to the station, or to sit down and worship the man who is ahead of you? Both you and the man ahead of you are very far away from the goal, both have to get there, for all life leads to That.

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