To all, if i may point out:

In your observing you are takeing your selves to be your memory....This can be seen if you consider what it would be like to loose your memory. If you had a complete loss of memory... what would that be like? You can consider the state of a new born baby or go even further back to a state even earlier when consciousness first emerges. There will be some first sense of sentience before any memories are there. "You" will experience something. That "you" is sentience. That sentience is what you are. You are only that. You are not the memories that you have collected. You are not your history, your envy, your fear, your desires, your effort.... None of that will be there. Yet you will experience that first something.

To go further into this... that sentience itself with a newborns will not even take that to be you... There is no 'you' there.

Still further one can see that any bit of sentience is not in anyway different from any other bit anywhere. It's all the same sentience.

This post was last updated by Peter Kesting Sun, 23 Jul 2017.

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