Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

To be open, vulnerable to the real, thought must cease to be accumulative. It is not that thought-feeling must become nongreedy - which is still accumulative, a negative form of self-expansion - but it must be nongreedy. A greedy mind is a conflicting mind; a greedy mind is ever fearful, envious in its self-growth and fulfillment. Such a mind is ever changing the objects of its desire, and this changing is considered growth; a greedy mind which renounces the world in order to seek reality, God, is still greedy; greed is ever restless, ever seeking growth, fulfillment, and this restless activity creates self-assertive intelligence but is not capable of understanding the real.

Greed is a complex problem! To live in the world of greed without greed needs deep understanding; to live simply - earning a right livelihood in a world organized on economic aggression and expansion - is possible only for those who are discovering inward riches.

Ojai, California
Fourth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946