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Talks in Europe, 1962 | London, June 10, 1962

Psychologically to end conflict is to be nothing, and most of us cannot face being nothing, literally being nothing. But after all, what are you? What are all the VIPs, the very important people? Strip them of their titles, their positions, their decorations and all that rubbish, and they are nothing. And I am afraid we ordinary people also are trying in various ways to become something, but inwardly we are absolutely nothing. And why not be nothing? Be nothing - which does not mean trying to become nothing, because that only creates another problem.

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Isn't there some further step than just this observation that you talk about?
It is the fear of being nothing that compels us to accumulate;
Every argument and gesture is the continuity of despair, sorrow and confusion. There is no end to it.
Be what you are, whatever it is; and be aware of that. You will see an extraordinary transformation taking place immediately.
You ask me how you can feel as 'nothing' when you are constantly reminded by others that you are something.
Feeling as 'the whole' comes perhaps later. But first, you are nothing and you are not concerned with what comes after.