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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at the Ojai Camp 1932

Question: Is not the present full of trivial, futile incidents?

Krishnamurti: That depends on how you live. Why is your mind burdened with little incidents? Because your mind is occupied with them, it moves and has its being in these little things; therefore these little things hold the mind. Whereas, if you were not looking to an idea or to a future, but trying to free the mind in the present through watchfulness, you would see that, though you are doing little things, your mind is not caught up, is not burdened with them. Because your mind is continually seeking, wanting, craving, there is the ceaseless idea of progress, evolving, moving from one achievement to another, from one question to another; whereas, if you can free the mind from the idea of distinction, from the idea of opposites, your mind is no longer burdened, it is clear, it is ever watchful.

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