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Frognerseteren, Norway | 2nd Public Talk, 8th September, 1933

Questioner: Among your listeners are people old and feeble in mind and body. Also, there may be those who are addicts to drugs, drink, or smoking. What can they do to change themselves, when they find that they cannot change even when they long to?

Krishnamurti: Remain as you are. If you really long to change, you will change. You see, that is just it: intellectually you want to change, but emotionally you are still enticed by the pleasure of smoking or the comfort of a drug. So you ask, 'What am I to do? I want to give this up, but at the same time I don't want to give it up. Please tell me how I can do both.' That sounds amusing, but that is really what you are asking.

Now, if you approach the problem wholly, not with the idea of wanting or non-wanting, giving up or not giving up, you will find out whether or not you really want to smoke. If you find that you do want to, then smoke. In that way you will find out the worth of that habit without constantly calling it futile and yet continuing it. If you approach the act completely, wholly, then you will not say, 'Shall I give up smoking or not?' But now you want to smoke because it gives you a pleasant sensation, and at the same time you don't want to because mentally you see the absurdity of it; so you begin to discipline yourself, saying, 'I must sacrifice myself, I must give this up.'

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