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Ojai, California | 8th Public Talk 1945

If certain ideas, beliefs, doctrines appeal to you, you join with others to spread effectively what you believe and for this you create an organization. But is the understanding of Reality the result of propaganda, organized belief, enforced or subtle conformity? Is Reality discovered through the doctrines of churches, cults or sects? Is Reality to be found through compulsion, through imitation?

We think, do we not, that through conformity, through formulation of beliefs we shall know the Real? Must not thought-feeling transcend all conditioning to discover the Real? Thought-feeling now experiences that in which it is educated, in which it believes, but such experience is limited and narrow; such a mind cannot experience the Real. Conformity can be organized efficiently; adherence to a formula, to a doctrine can be effectively manipulated but will that lead to Reality? Does not Reality come into being when there is complete liberation from all authority, from all compulsion and imitation? This state of being we experience only when thought is utterly still. Only in freedom is there the experience of the Real.

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The essence of control is suppression.
You see man imprisoned by innumerable walls, walls of religion, of social, political and national limitations, walls created by his own ambitions, aspirations, fears, hopes, security, prejudices, hate and love.
A mind that is enquiring into the nature of truth must be free totally from all organized pursuit, all organized practice, all organized enquiry.
What I am saying is not in any way philosophical, nor is it Western or Oriental thought expressed to suit modern minds;
Wisdom is not acquired but is in the very action of living itself.
All conformity to the pattern or ideas of another destroys completely your own creative energy, and hence the innumerable transient miseries in which you are caught.
I shall have to say this so often that it will become almost a formula for you.
That you are awakened to suffering is but the indication that mind is trying to free itself from all standards;
When there is fear there must be conformity.
Reforms are made only because of the need for adjustment between the mind and the environment, not because the mind pierces through the environment, and therefore understands it.
A man who says, "I am free of tradition", has probably another mould of his own to which he is a slave.
Life is in continual movement, and a mind that is incapable of adjustment must inevitably suffer.
The constant conformity to a particular mould is the basis of our religious thought and moral action;
Is [this] state of patterns, of ideals, of conformity, conducive to fulfilment, to creative and intelligent life and action?
It is difficult to with stand the constant pressure of modern civilization unless one is constantly aware and so is discovering the treasures that are imperishable.
Your tendency is to accept authority; you desire to be led; you look to others to direct your conduct.
We try to enclose the living Truth in gratifying patterns of thought-feeling and thereby destroy it.
The desire to copy is complex and subtle.