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Group Discussion 16th April, 1948 | Chennai, India

Question: Is not having a problem a process of thinking?

Krishnamurti: Silence is when the thinker, the creator of the problem, ceases to think. We do not see things as they are, if we think in the field of the known. I discover and therefore experience. Where thought-process exists, there, there cannot be experiencing, discovery. Discovery takes place only when the thought-process ceases. When I see the necessity of silence, I do not need to cultivate silence. The moment we see that silence is essential, we are silent.

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For the mind to be silent, all its contradictory corners must come together and be fused in the flame of understanding.
Thought shattering itself against its own nothingness is the explosion of meditation.
When you realize the truth that it is only the quiet mind that sees, then the mind becomes extraordinarily quiet.
What is meditation? Why should one meditate? To find that out, stop meditating.
Is silence to be cultivated, carefully nurtured and strengthened? And who is the cultivator? Is he different from the totality of your being?
It is only when the mind is silent that we can understand anything
A mind that is merely occupied is a petty mind, whether it is occupied with the highest knowledge, or with the daily activities of the kitchen, or the job.
Our minds are the result of innumerable and contradictory influences, and any action born of that contradictory state must also be contradictory;
A mind that is seeking, craving, searching for wider, deeper experience, such a mind is shallow because it lives always with its memories, with its recognitions, and what is remembered, recognized, is not the new.
Change or reform merely within the pattern of duality produces only further confusion and pain and hence is retrogression
Our means of livelihood are dictated, are they not, through tradition or through greed and ambition?