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Ojai, California | Fourth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946

Questioner: In the very act of coming here are we not seeking some spark to enlighten us?

Krishnamurti: What is it that you are seeking?

Questioner: Wisdom and knowledge.

Krishnamurti: Why do you seek?

Questioner: We are seeking to fill the deep, hidden inner void.

Krishnamurti: We are then seeking something to fill our emptiness; the filler we call knowledge, wisdom, truth, and so on. So we are not seeking truth, wisdom, but something to fill our aching loneliness. If we can find that which can enrich our inward poverty, we think our search will end. Now can anything fill this void? Some are painfully conscious of it and others are not; some have sought to escape through activity, through stimulation, through mysterious rituals, through ideologies, and so on; others are conscious of this void but have not found a way of covering it up. Most of us know this fear, this panic of nothingness. We are seeking to overcome this fear, this emptiness; we are seeking something that can heal the aching agony of inner insufficiency. As long as you are convinced that you can find some escape, you will go on seeking, but is it not part of wisdom to see that all escape, no matter how alluring, is useless? When the truth about escape dawns on you, will you persist in your search? Obviously not. Then we accept inevitably what is; this complete surrender to what is is the liberating truth, not the attainment of the objects of search.

Our life is conflict, pain; we crave security, permanency, but are caught in the net of the impermanent. We are the impermanent. Can the impermanent find the eternal, the timeless? Can illusion find reality? Can ignorance find wisdom? Only with the cessation of the impermanent is there the permanent; with the cessation of ignorance is there wisdom. We are concerned with the cessation of the impermanent, the self.

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