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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at the Ojai Camp 1932

Questioner: You have said that, were you in a position of responsibility to others, you would fulfill that duty, but that you would not undertake further responsibilities. Why not? Why avoid action and work in this world of objectivity? Does the full realization of truth place man's interest outside the work-a-day world? Is not his search a continuous inward process, independent of and permeating his daily action and responsibility?

Krishnamurti: Surely, I agree with the questioner; but I am going to try explain something which will be misunderstood, so please try and follow it.

Responsibility is selfishness. You are responsible to yours, are you not? You have duty to yours. You say, "I must consider my child, my wife, my possessions, and therefore I am responsible." Whereas, I am talking of freedom in which there is no distinction of "yours" and "mine" and therefore neither responsibility nor its opposite. The more you set yourself up as being responsible for the welfare of man and society, for the furthering of a system, the more self-centered, narrow, bigoted you become. But if the mind is not limited by craving, if it is not hindered by the idea of "yours" and "mine", then you are free and you know true responsibility, which is not an escape from action.

You become dutiful, falsely responsible, when there is the idea of yours. You are not responsible to me, are you? But if I am your particular friend, your companion, your husband, wife, child, you become responsible. That is, you want to control, to guide, to help, to protect me. So, what you call responsibility is but a very subtle form of possession, craving; whereas, I am talking of the freedom from all craving. True action is only possible when the mind is wholly free from self-consciousness, from craving. This is true spontaneity, to be utterly free; then your action has no motive. If you understand this, if you live for a few days with awareness, you will know what true action is. You will see that if you are free of responsibility you are consideration itself; you yield to the inevitable, and in that yielding is the ecstasy of life.

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