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Madras, India | Public Talk 2nd November, 1947

Question: You say discipline is opposed to freedom. But is not discipline necessary for freedom?

Krishnamurti: As this is a difficult problem, we have to consider thoroughly the implications of this question. A wrong means will produce a wrong end. Therefore right means must be employed for right ends. If you are disciplined, regimented, you will not produce freedom but a regimentation, a disciplined conditioning. It is obvious, is it not? So the means matters much more than the end. So, if you discipline your mind according to a pattern, which is the means, then you are bound to produce an end which is patterned after the means. But you will say: I must organize my daily life otherwise I can do nothing. I must condition myself to do my daily duties. I must organize the day. Now, what do you organize for? Why do you discipline yourself at all? To get things done, is it not? That is, you arrange your day to achieve a certain result. That is one kind of discipline. You arrange it mechanically, discipline yourself mechanically to achieve a certain result. Now the same mentality is carried over. In order to achieve a result you discipline yourself more and more. You say, you must be happy, you must find God, you must know, and you employ methods in order to achieve that result. You think happiness is truth or God, that it is an end to be achieved. That it is fixed, as though happiness were fixed, something to be done mechanically, something to be gained and you say after establishing it you have the means to discipline yourself. Now, can a disciplined mind, in the sense I am using the word `disciplined', be regimented, compelled through a means to an end? The means creates the end. The end is made by you. Therefore you are conditioning the end. Can a mind which is disciplined understand freedom? For a political man you may have to discipline yourself in order to achieve a result and in that process your mind becomes dull. Because party discipline is important, you sacrifice individual thinking in order to achieve a result. So you train yourself to be disciplined in order to achieve a result.

There is no real thinking but the mind is merely hitched to a van you call the political machine and you cease to be a thinker and you are disciplined to function effectively. What you say is: I will discipline, control myself according to a pattern, in order to be free. How absurd it sounds? To put it differently, need you go through drunkenness to become sober? As means is the end, you must begin by understanding why it is necessary to be disciplined, and what it implies. Freedom is not a result. Freedom begins when you are aware and that awareness does not only apply to discipline, but to the whole process of living. So freedom can only come into being when the mind is free, when it is not conditioned by a pattern, by a discipline. When do you discover anything? When you are spontaneous, when you are absolutely free, not when you are bound and blind.

To discover the real God, there must be freedom and you cannot be free to discover when your mind is trained after a pattern, trained according to a desire. Which does not mean that mind must be vagrant. When you become aware of the vagrancy of the mind, of the wanderings of the mind there is already freedom. You speak of discipline, the means to establish the end. Yet the need is not the real, because it is created by the mind and what you gain is not the real. Truth must come to you and you cannot go to truth and to receive truth there must be freedom to think clearly, deeply, profoundly. There must be choiceless awareness, not condemnation nor identification, but awareness. You will find that there are different ways of looking at discipline. Discipline prevents thinking and it is only in spontaneity that any freedom can be real, that the immeasurable can be known.

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Out of formulation, out of imagination, out of the known we experience, but few are capable of experiencing without symbols, without imagination, without formulations.
Freedom must be sought out; freedom from saviours, teachers, leaders; freedom from the self-enclosing walls of good and bad; freedom from authority and imitation; freedom from self, the cause of conflict and pain.
The present is the door to time, to the understanding of time and the present exists in what you are thinking, not in the time indicated by the clock, the time-table, or your routine.
A man who seeks truth must travel the uncharted seas; he has no harbours, he has no havens, he must go out to explore.
Freedom is eternal; it is now, not tomorrow.
Either we think and become disillusioned and cynical - or we think and go beyond.
Therefore, we are free of the idea of discipline, of the idea of control - which is an extraordinary revolution, isn't it?
We have to find out what is the accurate, correct, right action, or right livelihood in the world of reality, and reality includes illusion
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You cannot repeat truth, because truth is never constant.
Comfort is one thing, and truth another;
Truth is truth, one, alone; it has no sides, no paths; all paths do not lead to truth.
It is only that truth that liberates, and nothing else. That is why you must stand completely alone.
Freedom cannot be given; freedom is something that comes into being when you do not seek it;
Philosophy means love of truth, not love of thought.
A satisfactory explanation, or a comforting belief, can put you soothingly to sleep; but is that what you want?
The shallow are ever afraid of what they are; but what they are is the truth.
The more you are interested in something, the more your intention to understand, the more simple, clear, free the mind is.
In spite of your emphatic denial of the need of a guru, are you not yourself a guru?
That you inquire after truth implies that you believe in a path to truth, and this is the first illusion in which you are caught.
That which is real will be known when the various forms of illusions have ceased.
When you see something clearly as being true - and clarity is always true - there is no other action but the action of clarity.
But we do not want the new, we do not want to be reborn. All that we want is to be made certain.
Surely, truth is not something distant; truth is in the little things of everyday life - in every word, in every smile, in every relationship - only we do not know how to see it;
There is only one truth, but you cannot go to it through any sect, through any religion.
You cannot find truth, you cannot find God, because your search is but an escape from fear, your search is but a desire for a culmination.
Question: What is your truth?
Truth is unique; it is not many-sided; it is complete.
Please do not think that by calling me an anarchist or communist, or by giving to me some other convenient name, you have understood what I have said.
If a thing is false, it is false for everyone, under all circumstances.
Truth is to be comprehended, to be discerned, not to be explained.
That which is capable of growth is not eternal.
Question: Is freedom from conflict possible for anyone at any time, regardless of evolution? Have you come across another instance, besides yourself, in which the possibility had become an actuality?
Creative emptiness is not to be run after or sought by devious ways. It must happen. Truth is.
Out of formulation, out of imagination, out of the known we experience, but few are capable of experiencing without symbols, without imagination, without formulations.
It is truth alone that frees, not the activity of will.
Truth can only come to you, you cannot go to it.
Is there any path to truth?
To know that I have realized, you also must have realized.
A man who seeks truth must travel the uncharted seas; he has no harbours, he has no havens, he must go out to explore.
To love truth, you must know truth; and to know truth is to deny it.
Question: May we request you to state clearly whether there is God or not?