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Group Discussion 2nd December, 1947 | Madras, India

You must begin very near to go very far. It is no good beginning very far for coming near. Paramatman, the super-atman and all the rest of it are mere assumption based on belief and therefore utterly valueless to a really thoughtful man. In discovering the process of our own thinking we shall find out - not through an authority, not through books, but for each one of us - whether there is such a thing as Reality or not. This idea that there is a super-self, is still part of thought and is therefore conditioned; therefore, the super-self cannot be superior to mind.

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We can escape into some fancy which can be rationalized and made to seem real but nevertheless it is delusion; it is not made real by cunning explanations nor by the number of its adherents.
When we are thinking about something beyond, it is also the process of the mind and therefore it is unreal.
When you begin to free the mind and heart from all conflict there is intelligence, and then timelessness has a different significance altogether.
It is futile and a waste of time, leading to mere opinion, to consider what it is to be real.
The created cannot think about the uncreated. It can think only about its own projection which is not the real.
All speculation is a hindrance to understanding.