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Schonreid, Switzerland | 1985

Q: I want to put a simple question: for this glimpse of the complete comprehension, can there not be the work of preparation?

K: Of course not.

Q: Say you read something, you read some sayings of K; you need your intellectual process to read, don't you?

K: Of course, sir, wait a minute, wait a bit, careful. I read; am I really reading or am I reading behind the word?

Q: Well that is the question I wanted to ask.

K: Wait, wait. Listen, listen. I can read a really good detective story, I mean a good one, quickly; it is all boy, girl, traitors, you know, the good old game, a lot of sex to skip. But here I am reading what lies behind the word; I am also listening to the sound of the word; and to my own brain translating what is being said to suit myself. So I say; "Look at what you are doing. You are not listening, you are not learning, but accomodating, adjusting to what is being said." I stop immediately. I wont read. So I penetrate that. I stop reading: I go and watch and say: "What am I doing? I am translating something which I have read according to what suits me." So I am back to myself. Self-interest is in operation. So I say, "Look what I am doing." I never stop watching.

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Love does not compare, and so the envy and torture of 'becoming' cease.
Let the thing that you are watching tell its story, rather than you tell it what it should be.
To look very carefully you have to pay attention, you have to listen - if you are interested - listen and find out the art of listening, the art of seeing, the art of learning.
To understand anything rather deeply, one must approach the issue simply - that is, not verbally or emotionally merely, but rather with a mind that is very young.
By adding little by little to the granary in the mind, you hope to become full, and to be able to meet life fully, wholly.
Learning is an active-present of the word, not the past-present.
If we do not think in terms of continuity, there will be an ending, there will be dying, and we would see things clearly, as simple as they are, directly.
When we look to life as a school in which to learn, in which to grow, then we are dependent upon that self-consciousness
Life is not a thing from which you learn, it is meant to be lived - to be lived supremely, intelligently, divinely.
Relationship is a process of self-discovery, in which there is wider and deeper understanding; relationship is a constant adjustment in self-discovery.
Condemnation, judgment and comparison do not bring the experience of understanding; on the contrary they will stop experience
Relationship is a living thing and as a living thing it is self-revealing.
When there is, on the part of one, the attitude of learning, and, on the part of the other, the attitude of teaching, communion really ceases;
A man who is merely teaching is not living any more than a man who is merely listening
We are used to being told or being directed; as such, I become the teacher, and you become the learner, which is really absurd.
Question: Learning and studying, is it thinking process or something different?