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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

Question: You constantly change your ideas, your views, your assertions. At one time you urged us to establish a goal. Now you say, "Seek no goal". Do you express to us your realization? If so, does that realization keep constantly changing, as does your expression of it? If, as you say, your truth is ever flowing, ever changing, how can one keep pace with it?

Krishnamurti: If you are stationary on the bank of a river, the moving waters ever change; and I am afraid most of you are stationary, with fixed ideas, anchored to the bank through your attachment. Hence the apparent contradictions. Why need you keep pace with me? I am not setting the pace for you. If you realize for yourself that constant renewal of life, then there will be the cessation of time.

A true artist who paints is constantly changing the expressions, ever adopting with his paints and brush a new technique. But if you become attached to the expression on the canvas of that which the artist feels - which is ever living and therefore indescribable - then you become as dead stumps, without life. After all, during these past years I have been trying to find a new technique of expression, using the same old words but giving to them a new significance. If one could invent a new language altogether, it would be worthwhile, but unfortunately one cannot. I am trying to find a way of expressing to you the approach to the realization of immortality. But if you merely become attached to an idea which I expressed ten years ago, or yesterday, then you will see apparent contradictions, denials, assertions. Why are you attached to this idea of a goal, which I now say do not seek? Because this idea gives you an incentive to action. To me, all incentives are utterly false.

I do not wish to use my technique of expression to describe God, truth, life or immortality. That living ecstasy cannot be described. When it is described it is dead. You cannot discuss that which is beyond all description, but you can discover and discuss the hindrances which prevent you from realizing that which is true and everlasting.

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