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Anthropology is my field which reflects my fascination for diversty in all its manifestations. I dedicate myself to Krishnamurti & his teachings by working on myself; have been attached & will continue with deep interest to be attached to the Krishnamurti schools in India.

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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?

Once one begins to see the mechanisms that operate in us & so must also operate in all our fellow human beings, surely by default this puts everything into perspective? A belief is a construction, a material thing. Day by day, moment by moment should one not just watch? Strangely enough when there is no reaction & just watching, no radical belief is born. When we react immediately which you can see in people by answers that are as quick as a reflex, this comes from the past & we begin the intellectual ping pong. Look at the facts, the situation & we are still.

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Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?

Surely organanized diaglogue is a stimulation to delve into the past, to begin the intellectual ping pong, going from one person's ideas, beliefs, to another person's ideas, beliefs, ... or past. Dialogue is perhaps useful when you have a burning question which you cannot answer. Or perhaps also when you feel you are going nowhere & are going around in circles.

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