Daily Quote Archives

June 2022
  1. June 01 It is definitely possible to bring about a totally new mind.
  2. June 02 To be in conflict and at the same time to be vibrantly still, neither accepting nor denying it, is not easy.
  3. June 03 Surely, to find that which is beyond time, all the process of time must cease, must it not?
  4. June 04 When thought realises its own limitation, and its place, then perhaps we can begin to see the nature of the mind.
  5. June 05 Have you ever even thought about what is thinking? What is the movement of thought?
  6. June 06 One is attached. There is no question about it.
  7. June 07 In deep insecurity is Truth realized.
  8. June 08 The end is of the same nature as the means; if you use wrong means, you create wrong ends.
  9. June 09 Question: Supposing a man has no factual memory. Can he discover?
  10. June 10 The very nature of fragmentation is the centre from which one is looking.
  11. June 11 Life is a process of discovery, and in living from day to day you have to find out for yourself its beauty, its extraordinary depth;
  12. June 12 When you are directly in contact with the actual, there is a transformation.
  13. June 13 You never see life as it really is; you look at it only through a screen of prejudice
  14. June 14 Opinions and conclusions in any form bring about separation and isolation, as do sectarian beliefs.
  15. June 15 There is no essential difference between the old and the young, for both are slaves to their own desires and gratifications.
  16. June 16 What ever the mind creates, is in a circle, within the field of the self.
  17. June 17 To deny all morality is to be moral, for the accepted morality is the morality of respectability, and I'm afraid we all crave to be respected - which is to be recognised as good citizens in a rotten society.
  18. June 18 Is there an entity apart from the self, which looks at the self and dissolves the self?
  19. June 19 Illusions are reality - the illusions that one has, imagination, all that is reality.
  20. June 20 I have no system.
  21. June 21 When the mind is aware that it is conditioned and does not battle against it, only then is the mind free to give its complete attention to this conditioning.
  22. June 22 What do you mean when you use the term 'myself'?
  23. June 23 Awareness must be choiceless.
  24. June 24 Surely, there is nothing permanent. Reality is not continuous, not permanent, but something to be discovered from moment to moment.