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Aug 22, 2023
We are going to discuss this evening the question of `education.' It seems to me that one of the major factors of deterioration everywhere is the so-called education. We are going into that presently as succinctly as possible. But before I go into that very complex problem, I think it is very necessary that you and I should not merely either accept or refute anything I am going to suggest. Perhaps it may be new or it may be very old; but the mere rejection or acceptance of it without really understanding the whole complex problem is utterly valueless. So, may I suggest that, while you are listening, you do not say, 'That is impossible', 'It is not practical', 'It is not worthwhile', 'All that we know already'. All that indicates merely, does it not?, a very sluggish mind, a mind that does not want to penetrate and understand the problem. And our minds are dull, especially at the end of the day after doing some worthless action of a routine stupid life; we come here generally for entertainment, for something to listen to or talk about afterwards.
Poona, India | 3rd Public Talk 31st January 1953 Read full text