Daily Quote Archives

May 2023
  1. May 01 We never seem to have a feeling for all living things on the earth.
  2. May 02 We live in a world of our own making.
  3. May 03 Freedom cannot be given; freedom is something that comes into being when you do not seek it;
  4. May 04 Thought, however clever, however wide, however well-informed, is limited.
  5. May 05 The poison and corruption begin when you look to one person as your authority, your guide, your saviour.
  6. May 06 To walk alone, unimpeded by thought, by the trail of our desires, is to go beyond the reaches of the mind.
  7. May 07 To escape collectively is the highest form of security.
  8. May 08 Every thought, every feeling, every action is conforming, conditioned, influenced.
  9. May 09 Every argument and gesture is the continuity of despair, sorrow and confusion. There is no end to it.
  10. May 10 Meditation is wandering away from this world; one has to be a total outsider.
  11. May 11 Greatness is to be unknown, inwardly and outwardly to be as nothing;
  12. May 12 Through negation the positive comes into being.
  13. May 13 Is death merely the ending of the physical organism?
  14. May 14 Reason must exhaust itself, not by retreating, but through integral comprehension and love of life.
  15. May 15 Intelligence does not offer shelter from the struggles and turmoils of life, nor does it give comfort; it only creates understanding.
  16. May 16 We need tremendous energy to bring about a psychological change in ourselves as human beings, because we have lived far too long in a world of make-belief, in a world of brutality, violence, despair, anxiety.
  17. May 17 In spite of your emphatic denial of the need of a guru, are you not yourself a guru?
  18. May 18 Our difficulty is to make the mind revolve slowly so that each thought-feeling can be followed and understood.
  19. May 19 Is silence to be cultivated, carefully nurtured and strengthened? And who is the cultivator? Is he different from the totality of your being?
  20. May 20 The worship of authority, whether in big or little things, is evil, the more so in religious matters.
  21. May 21 That which is real will be known when the various forms of illusions have ceased.
  22. May 22 Meditation is the purgation of the known.
  23. May 23 If you had only one hour to live, what would you do?
  24. May 24 Meditation implies a mind that is so astonishingly clear that every form of self-deception comes to an end.
  25. May 25 Just see what is implied in becoming something. That is enough.
  26. May 26 One takes comfort, security, in any form of illusion. And man apparently needs many illusions.
  27. May 27 This is what we mean when we speak of awareness.
  28. May 28 Our love is based on your image of me and my image of you.
  29. May 29 Awareness is the complete and unconditional surrender to what is, without rationalization, without the division of the observer and the observed.
  30. May 30 Can one live without conflict?
  31. May 31 Identifying with something seems to be the nature of man.