Sep 11

There is No Thinker, Only Thought

Date and Time

September 11 - 15 2023 PDT


Online event


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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About This Event

What exactly is thought? And what is it capable of? Is it capable of creating a seemingly permanent identity through which all other thoughts seem to flow and through which we experience the physical body? Is thought the root of all conflict? Krishnamurti stated that thought is time (the past, knowledge) and that time is the enemy. This is a crucial aspect of his teaching as it is the first step and the last step insofar as if we do not understand this then nothing else he says will have any meaning. For instance, he relates that in all matters of observation and learning we must “start from the other shore.” What does this mean in relation to thought/time and thinking? We will investigate for ourselves these pivotal questions in dialogue and readings as well as some short video clips from Krishnamurti. The very spirit of enquiry is the key to understanding these challenges and what first may have felt like something far away but may soon be realized as something very present, freedom.
We will meet each day for a 3-hour session that will include but not be limited to discussion/dialogue, some short video clips and short excerpts from texts.
Daily online afternoon sessions
2:30pm-5:30pm PACIFIC TIME

John Duncan’s interaction with Krishnamurti and his teachings began in 1984 when he saw public talks in Ojai. From then on he attended many dialogue retreats and events at the foundation until he moved to Ojai in 1999 and began working at the KFA. His work as proofreader for the Krishnamurti Publications was an invaluable scholarship in which he interacted with Krishanmurti talks and dialogues spanning over six decades of Krishnamurti’s teaching life, including the 17 volumes of the Collected Works. He has been leading dialogues on Tuesdays and Saturdays for several years and looks forward to introducing Krishnamurti and his teachings in a clear and dynamic fashion.