SCHEDULE Every 1st Monday

Auckland, New Zealand Meetup

Date and Time

Every 1st Monday at 7:00 pm NZST Next date: Mon, June 3


Please contact Brett for details Auckland, Auckland New Zealand View Map


Brett Neilsen
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+64 21 974 960

About This Meetup

A group of friends meet together every first Monday of the month, in Auckland, NZ, (New Lynn) in order to share, to discuss together, to enquire into the problems that face the world and all all human beings. The intention is to really enquire together, free of any dogma, and as we discuss to learn about ourselves, to discover the facts of our own minds.
Meetings last about one and a half hours, and then refreshments are served to continue the discussion in a less formal way. All are welcome to attend, including for the odd meeting.
Most of the present participants are somewhat familiar with the work of J Krishnamurti, and his words may play a part in our enquiries. But no authority whatsoever is acknowledged in our explorations not of any person or belief system.